LombardaTrading Srl is a young and dynamic Company, founded in 2008 in Casale Belvedere. It specialized in trading and distribution of protein concentrate, dairy products, oils and fats intended for animal feed.

Always sensitive to environmental, natural and biological issues, LombardaTrading Srl researches and acts as a trader of natural, innovative and avant-guarde products, primarly composed of plant extracts, polyphenols and seaweeds, intended for use in food and in cosmetic fields.

LombardaTrading Srl vanta oggi strette collaborazioni con importanti aziende, anche multinazionali, si occupa e promuove studi e sperimentazioni in collaborazione con enti universitari e di ricerca, mantenendo in tal modo partnership in tutto il mondo, condivide esperienze e tecnologie, finalizzate al benessere dell'animale e dell'uomo.

LombardaTrading Srl  owns international patents with applications that cover various sectors, such as agriculture, cosmetics, diagnostics, additives for animals and for humans..

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