Fish meal 65

Whole wheat, with soluble proteins incorporated, obtained from fresh fishes. It is ideal for animals' feeding in the first days of life, because of its high digestibility. It is indicated for aquaculture feeding, poultry farming, pig breeding and pet food.

Label Analysis

Damp                        Max 10%
Crude proteins         Base 66%     Min 65%
Crude fat                   Max 11%
Ashes                        15-17%
Chlorides (NaCl)       Max 3%
Digestibility               96%
TVN                            100-120 mg Nit/100g
FFA                             7-10%

  • Carosello rappresentato in onore di Cristina di Svezia in Palazzo Barberini a Roma Filippo Gagliardi e Filippo Lauri - XVII secolo (Roma - Museo di Roma)
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