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Special Technical Products

Powder colostrum

Obtained from cow's colostrum picked up in the 24 hours following the parturition


It is a protein product, entirely pork, of high quality

Chicken meal

Heating, grinding and drying

Chicken blood meal

It is a high protein content product

Turkey meal

Obtained from turkey's sub-products

Feather's hydrolisate

It is obtained working poultry's feathers


Mixture of milk's whey proteins

LT casu (powder cheese)

Aged cheese obtained from pasteurized milk

Powder plasma

It is a protein product, entirely pork

BioLt Chicken (Chicken soluble)

Chicken's hydrolyzed proteins

Bio CP 70 (Fish soluble)

Fish protein's hydrolysate

Powder eggs

Defatted powder eggs

S.C. Yeast

Brewer's yeast 100% Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Suine's blood meal

Product with high protein content

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